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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Starlite Fuzzies- Sell Out

My friend Katie out in California is selling out her herd. This breaks my heart and I wish I had room to buy a trio from her- Katie's doe Harmony won BOSV at CONVENTION last year.

The following is her sales list. Please contact her directly at kagee2003@aol.com

American Fuzzy Lops
Lil'Bit Farms Harmony- $275 *Inquiry Pending*
Tort Senior Doe, DOB: 7/17/07
(THF Saynora's Bernie x THF Saynora's Chantia) Fuzzy Holland
Multi. Legs, BOSV 2008 ARBA Convention as a SSD beating out 53+ rabbits in her class, Multi. Honorable Mentions In Show in tough CA Competition. Proven.

L&R Sara- $80
Sable Point Senior Doe, DOB: 6/7/08
(L&R Logan x L&R Brownie) Fuzzy Holland
Has not been shown. Broke her upper leg as a junior so I was unable to show her, but man, if she didn't have a broken bone this would have been an AWESOME show doe. Incredible L&R Holland lines and very clean color.

THF Saynora Puff Ball- $200 *Inquiry Pending*
Tort Senior Doe, DOB: Not exactly sure, but she turned Senior a couple months ago.
Fuzzy Holland
This is an awesome awesome doe. Excellent buck-like head, perfect crown and ear shape. Shake and show coat. I only showed her a couple times but she won those times, including BOSB her first show as a molty junior. Judge Chris Zemny raved about her and said she would have taken the breed if her coat was a touch in better condition. Typey rabbit. I don't think I have to mention how gorgeous the hollands are in her pedigree. Proven, and her babies are gorgeous like she is. No pedigree as I never had it sent to me. I believe she is a daughter of THF Saynora Qwade.

THF Saynora tort doe- $100
Tort Senior Doe
Fuzzy Holland
This doe has bone for days. I would say she is more of a brood doe. Excellent big fat head. She produces NICE babies. Very typey rabbit that will do wonders for a breeding program if you want to add "chunk". No pedigree on her either. Proven.

Hobbs'/Moore's Ado Annie- $40
Fawn Senior Doe
(PSP Taboo x Fairy) Does have HL in pedigree
Really cute doe. Has ear control. Goes back to PSP Taboo who was a buck that placed well at Convention. very colorful pedigree, and she has VERY clean fawn coloring.. .and she produces super clean agouti babies. Proven.

Starlite's Vixen- $35
Sable Point Senior Doe, DOB: Can look up
(Sky High Walker x Starlite's Violet)
Very cute doe, but small. She is quality in a small package! I like a lot about her including her nice coloring, shake and show coat, and sweet personality. Nice fat head on her. Starting to look a LOT like her mother Violet, who is just gorgeous. She was bred and due 7/17, so if you pick her up before then the litter is yours. I bred her to Lil'Bit Farms Nova.

Hobbs' Moxee- $40
Broken Tort Senior Doe, DOB: Can look up
One of those awesome Hobbs lined does. Bigger doe, so I would say brood doe. If her ears were shorter she would be nice to show. I would say she is over 4lb, though I haven't weighed her. Throws orange a lot. Her sire won his class at Convention in 2007. Proven.

SS Lucky- $20
Chocolate Otter Senior Doe, DOB: 6/28/08
(Chotter x OMF Nemo) Fuzzy Holland
Very cute doe. Chocolate otters are super rare in fuzzy lops. Nice chocolate color and her tan pattern looks good! Does have some ear control. I really like her for an otter, and especially the color. Proven.
L&R ____- $100
Broken Tort Junior Doe, DOB:
( x ) Fuzzy Holland
Has not been shown. Gorgeous rabbit. She's going to have tons of depth and a super buck-like head. I only bought her a few weeks ago, and am asking a bit less than I paid. Has those famous L&R Hollands behind her.
Lil'Bit Farms _____-$50
Black Junior Doe, DOB: 3/19/09
(Lil'Bit Farms Carls Junior x Lil'Bit Farms Jinger) Fuzzy Holland
Younger doe, very cute! Good wool. I like the bone on her, and her body. Should be a really nice show doe!
Lil'Bit Farms _____-$50
Black Junior Doe, DOB: 03/11/09
Lil'Bit Farms Lane x CN's J1) Fuzzy Holland
Cute little doe. Moulting her head, should have nice wool and be very compact. Show her!
Lil'Bit Farms _____-$55
Tort Junior Doe, DOB: 2/15/09
(Lil'Bit Farms Sheridan x Lil'Bit Farms Zoyia)
Nice doe. Still molting out her head. I really like her and her body, especially her depth. Nice nice lines.
Hobbs' ______ -$40
Broken Chestnut Junior Doe, DOB: Unknown
Very cute doe. I really like her, and once she finishes her coat out, I planned to show her! Big thick head on her with nice ears placement. I don't have a pedigree on her.

Starlite's ______-$40
Tort Junior Doe- DOB: Can look up
(Starlite's Jamba x THF Saynora tort doe) Has HL in pedigree
I really love this little doe, should have an awesome head/ear/crown, and body should widen out. She looks very buck-like. Very fuzzy holland looking.

Lil'Bit Farms Nova- $85
Tort Senior Buck, DOB: 6/26/08
(Lil'Bit Farms Logan x THF Saynora's Jeanie) Fuzzy Holland
3 Legs, Multi. Honorable Mentions In Show, Smaller buck but makes nice babies!
Lil'Bit Farms Wrigley- $40
Broken Black Otter Senior Buck, DOB: 10/7/08
(Lil'Bit Farms Cache x THF Saynora Jeanie) Fuzzy Holland
Non-recognized color in Fuzzy Lops, has ear control, nice rabbit if you plan to work on otters!
HBB's Abe- $20 *Inquiry Pending*
Blue Otter Senior Buck, DOB: 12/1/07
(AK's Percy x Blue Hills Agnes)
Non-recognized color in Fuzzy Lops. Only asking what I paid for him. Awesome awesome rabbit. HUGE head.
Hobbs' Grant- $30
Tort Senior Buck, DOB: Can look up
( x ) Can look up
Smaller buck, but very solid body. His ears are a little thin, and is molting at this time. Great Hobbs lines behind him. Very bright colored tort.
Hobbs' Oh Da Man- $30
Tort Senior Buck, DOB: 10/11/07
(Naragon's Callahan x Hobbs' Oh No!) Has HL in Pedigree
Good buck, does have some ear control in one ear. Molting currently. Strong bone and wonderful lines!
THF Saynora King Kong- $100
Black/Seal? Senior Buck, DOB: Unknown but he is about 1 year.
Nice looking buck. Bought as a black but I think he is actually a seal. Throws really nice babies. Never got his pedigree. Has those awesome THF Saynora lines. Asking significantly less than I paid.
Lil'Bit Farms Tulsa- $90
Tort Senior Buck, DOB: 7/17/07
(THF Saynora's Bernie x THF Saynora's Chantia) Fuzzy Holland
Nice buck. Full littermate to my Harmony who was BOSV at Convention in 2008. My only complaints about him is that he's longer in the shoulder and has soft wool. But a really nice buck otherwise. He is currently molting so maybe his wool will have more texture this time around.
Starlite's Jamba- $45
Orange Senior Buck, DOB: Can look up
(PFF's Tonka x Hobbs'/Moore's Ado Annie)
Smaller buck, the cleanest orange I have ever seen. Very bright. Super super cute. Compact rabbit. Great personality. A judge told me that one of his nails are really light on one of his front legs. I have never seen any problems with light nails/toes in his lines, so I would breed/show him. His babies have never had any issues either. I think he is just really clean in his color.
Hobbs' Eoin- $60
Blue Senior Buck- DOB:
( Hobbs' Master x Fairy) Has HL in Pedigree
Nice buck, excellent head, good blue coloring. I really like him. Super thick ears, rock solid body. Molting right now. May be a tad long in the midsection, but great buck, especially if you want to work with dilutes. I've had a lot of people drool over him at shows, especially over his fat head! Currently in a molt.
Lucky Lops ____- $25
Broken Orange Junior Buck- DOB:
Fuzzy Holland
Going through semi uglies right now so his ears appear longer than they are. I really liked him at 8 weeks old, so he should mature nicely. Priced low only because he is young and going through that awkward stage. No pedigree on him.
Lil'Bit Farms _____ -$60
Broken Tort Junior Buck- DOB: 3/11/09
(Lil' Bit Farms Zero x THF Saynora's S227T) Fuzzy Holland
Awesome pedigree that includes some famous THF Saynora hollands. Not to mention Zero, his sire, is VERY awesome. Going through the growing up stage, but I see lots of promise including the width that will come in for a nice nice head!
Lil'Bit Farms _____-$60
Broken Orange Junior Buck- DOB: 3/4/09
(Lil'Bit Farms Jorj Jr x Lil'Bit Farms Jade) Fuzzy Holland
Nice pedigree!! Very cute guy. Balanced, good coloring. Short ears. I see a lot of potential.
MG's Karate Chop- $50
Broken Tort Junior Buck- DOB: 12/6/08
(Gard's Waffles x MG's Galaxy) Has HL in Pedigree
Cute guy, should have a nice big head on him. His sire Waffles is a multiple BIS winner, and placed 2nd SSB at ARBA Convention 2008 in Youth. He is a bit narrow in his shoulders, and has white tips on the end of his ears. Bigger buck. His genetics should come together with maturity and he could be a nice breeding buck, or grow him out a bit and show him! Currently in a molt.
Starlite's ______ -$35
Chestnut Junior Buck- DOB:
(THF Saynora King Kong x Starlite's Gucci)
He was my pick buck of his litter and have been keeping him to show, and for my chestnut line. Super super bone on him. Appears to be a bit narrow in his shoulders, but should widen out some with age. Awesome chestnut coloring and ring pattern. He is getting length to his coat after I plucked him, and his face is starting to finish out.

Starlite's ______ -$35
Chestnut Junior Buck- DOB: Can look up
(PFF's Tonka x THF Saynora doe)
Pick of the litter. I really like him. Probably should be plucked soon. I love his ear shape and length/texture of wool for a chestnut. Should mature out nicely.

Starlite's ______-$35
Broken Tort Junior Buck- DOB: Can look up
(PFF's Tonka x THF Saynora doe)
Has the cutest half butterfly marking. I love his crown shape/placement at this age.. should turn out pretty nice!

I have a few litters that are still in the box, or just about weaning age.

2 Orange Babies (Starlite's Jamba x Hobbs' Moxee) $30 each, I think there is a buck and a doe
5 Orange Babies (PFF's Tonka x Hobbs'/Moore's Ado Annie) $30 each, repeat breeding of my Jamba, not sure on genders yet
2 Tort Babies (PFF's Tonka x Starlite's Violet) $30 each, I think there is a buck and doe
1 Chocolate Tort Baby (PFF's Tonka x Starlite's Violet) $20, not recognized color in fuzzies, but typey!

I also have 6 Lionhead adults available and 6 gorgeous babies. Let me know if you are interested in seeing that list.

Holland Lop

THF Saynora doe- $60
Broken Chestnut Senior Doe- DOB: 12/10/05
(Campo's Sebastian x Stardust's Abby)
Nice doe.. especially for her color! Does carry the wool gene if you want to add chunk to your fuzzies. I bred her to a fuzzy buck and got 3 wooled babies, and they are looking NICE!

All equipment is Used

Tattoo Equipment
Ketchum clamp tattooer. I shipped this in from Canada. Best clamp tattooer on the market. Over $100 brand new. Selling mine for $60 which includes a set of numbers 0-9 and letters A-Z! I will also throw in any of my ink I can find.
$6 each.
1 wooden one used only once
6 or so metal KW ones sized for holland lop
1 metal KW one sized for netherland dwarf or small lop breed
Numerous carriers... too many to list. I have a few 6 hole shipping carriers with solid tops as well, including one that was used one time (brand new condition). Numerous 1 hole and 3 hole KW and Carnahans carriers.

**I do not have the space to hold rabbits for any extended period of time, please look for transport options ASAP. Shipping is also available. Also note rabbits are sold first come first serve. Pending Inquiry means a rabbit is being temporarily held with interest, pending deposit/pick up.*

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