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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Saluting a beautiful animal.

picture courtesy of Jersey Wooly Wins

We cultivate rivalries in the world of rabbit showing. Sometimes they are cut throat, angry things, but I like to think most of the time it's all in good fun- an extra push to breed harder, cull harder and prep harder.

"DD" (I christened her DD for "Durn Doe"), a shaded doe owned by Tresia Burleson was one such animal. She caused us to give Tresia a lot of grief- though it was all out of good-natured jealousy. A beautiful animal, DD, pedigreed as Venus, went on an amazing run of BOB and BIS wins. We teased Tresia she needed to leave that girl home and get her bred, or else just needed to leave "that ugly old doe" at home. Tresia grinned and would put her rabbit up on the table and we knew we were doomed.

At last tally (correct me if I'm wrong), Venus was in 3rd place for Wooly of the year, an amazing feat, especially considering the kind of competition she was up against. She was the #2 Shaded Senior Doe at Convention this past year. She's won countless BOBs and several Best in Shows.

Venus passed away due to complications giving birth to what would have been her first litter. It's a hard, hard thing to deal with, especially when it's an animal not only as beautiful, but as special as Venus was to Tresia.

It's with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to "DD". We teased her, tried to pocket her and most of all, admired her.

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April said...

That's so sad. :(

Keep said...

I could cry just thinking about it. :(