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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Orphaned kits

I lost Lil Bit Farms Jazz Hands yesterday. I have no idea why, she showed no sign of illness or injury and even her death didn't provide any clues. What I do know is that she's gone and left behind a litter of 5 kits.

Unfortunately, all my does have litters 2+ weeks old and the next litters aren't due for 10 days. Malena & Jacklyn are in the same boat. Joni does have does who could take a few of the kits. We're trying to keep them alive until Friday, when we can hand them off to the new foster moms.

Right now, we're holding does in the nestbox to get them to feed and we've also flipped the does to allow the kits to nurse. Unfortunately, the ladies are NOT happy with this arrangement and the orphaned wooly babies are far from fat and happy.

Jasmine's milk has suddenly come in full force and her babies look like fat ticks, but they are so much larger than these little babies, I'm not sure how well a temporary fostering would go. Jasmine is DEFINITELY not an animal you can force to do anything she doesn't want to do, and flipping her over would result only in babies being kicked halfway across the rabbitry.

We'll figure something out, I feel sure.

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