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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sick Rabbits?

I've seen this a lot on a rabbit forum I'm a part of, so I want to take the time to post a few things.

Heat: Heat can cause your rabbits to have wet noses. This is ok, just keep an eye on them and make sure they don't get over heated.

Sneezing: Ok, if you give loose hay, your feed has a lot of fines in it, it's a heavy allergen day (you can find out from your local weather), you've changed shavings, they are molting... your rabbits may sneeze. This is ok.

Boogers: Occasionally a rabbit may have a small booger. Keep an eye on it, this is ok.

Heat Changes: If it goes from hot to cold, your rabbit may develop boogers or start to sneeze. Without mucus, this is ok. Keep in mind there are many causes of sneezing in animals.

Snuffles: Snuffles is not a cutesy disease. Snuffles is deadly and horribly contagious. Snuffles is characterized by lots of colored mucus. You'll even see crusting on their inner front legs where they try to clean themselves. There is a lot of sneezing. If you think "I wonder if they are sick or if it's __________ " then they probably do not have snuffles. If you are worried about it, QUARANTINE and you can NOT even wear the same clothing or shoes when visiting the healthy rabbits after seeing the sick ones.

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Karlie Ries @ Show Bunny Rabbitry said...

My rabbit isn't really sick but He got bit on the nose by another buck near him and it tore. I'm not sure what I should do as I can't go to the vet, any advice?

Its also bleeding, I stopped it a bit but I'm afraid to put anything on it because its so deep.


Keep said...

I'd put a bit of neosporin on it- the worst thing that happens is he licks it off and that's not going to hurt him.

You can also use Elmer's glue to "seal" the wound and help keep out dust, food particles, etc.

Poor buck! It's awful when they get hurt. We also have no good small animal vets close by and even if we did, it's so expensive!

Karlie Ries @ Show Bunny Rabbitry said...

Thanks Keep, I will try that and see how he does. I will post back and tell you how he's doing in a day or two,

Karlie Ries @ Show Bunny Rabbitry said...

Oh, I have pictures of it on my website,


its on the bottom of the page.