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Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Babies!

Two does kindled yesterday and this morning! Imagine that- right on time!

Zora had a total of 5 babies yesterday, but she had them on the wire without nesting. I suspect labor came quicker than she expected. All the babies were born on the wire, one half eaten (ew). She began frantically nesting afterwards, then collapsed exhausted. So I helped her out with her nest and warmed up the babies. Tim found two crawling around on the floor and thankfully they made it! Even the one we just found this afternoon! Two are missing a hunk of their ear, so they'll have to go as brood, but I'm still expecting them to be very nice!

A tort doe that is on loan here kindled two this morning! I gave her a Zora baby to foster.

We're still waiting on Keep's Angel, a beautiful little sable point doe, to kindle.

Meanwhile, we lost Barbi's baby due to a sudden onset of diarrhea. I'm very, very sad about this, but she has been rebred, so we can hope the next litter is more successful.

We've got four does due in four days and one is already wanting to nest! I take this as a very good sign.

I seem to be buck poor lately- unfortunately my litter of 7 woolies seems to consist mostly of little boys. ERGH!

The hare babies have eyeballs now! HOORAY! One is definitely a runt and will be petted out at the appropriate age :).

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