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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Taylorsville Show

I'll have to share my post-Taylorsville Show experience later but right now, just the good stuff- RESULTS!!

I took 11 animals- 2 hollands, 1 thrianta and of course, 8 woolies. It's really the woolies that I was the most excited about, 6 of them were babies at their first show!

My Tryon finally took a BOB in Show B! He won BOG both shows, and his daughter, Keep's Epiphany, took BOSG!! WOW, how awesome for a 3 1/2 month old baby?

Forest was beat out for BOG by a really cute black doe, so he had to settle for BOSG in both shows :).

Keep's Spazzoid (self junior buck) took a first and a second- I'm thinking he'll get a leg!

Then, in Show B my two black junior does On a Lark and High Spirits pulled off a 1-2 finish!

Even Keep's Cairo, Epiphany's brother, got in the act- winning his class in Show B. I want to say he won in show A as well, but I honestly can't swear to that, it was a very late show!

:D. I'm thrilled with how my juniors did! I also managed to sell 7 animals, which gives me TWO EMPTY CAGES! Everyone happy dance with me. That's not going to last long though, I've got many, many babies around 3-4 weeks old that will need their own place soon.

The only sale rabbit I still have is Keep's Dallas, the full brother to Epiphany and Cairo!

Keep's Rabbitry