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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Trying to breed in cold weather

Well, my first round of due does gave me approximately ZERO babies. So now begins the fun part- trying to breed them in sub-arctic temperatures. Ok, ok, it's not *that cold* here- I mean, it's currently 30 degrees F, that's a bit warmer than sub-arctic.

So how do we go about this? Winter isn't exactly the natural breeding time of rabbits.

Some folks just plug along and breed like normal, hoping to get a few litters- a lot of other factors depend on the chances of litters, so if you get a lot normally, winter probably won't slow you don't too much. For folks like me, who are in the less than ideal rabbitry, this is going to be sheer torture. I'll probably plug along like normal and attempt to breed them in their rabbitry environment.

Some folks bring in a few does and a buck (especially the buck, to keep him in working order) and do house breedings. While I'd love to do that, it's not really a good option for me- Tim isn't a fan of bunnies in the house and I KNOW the Parsonage Committee would have a duck. Ahh well, maybe I can talk him in a few buns in the basement.

You can also employ the "tricks of the trade". Apple Cider Vinegar (never worked for me!), car rides, cage switching- we'll do whatever it takes to get a litter in time for the spring shows. I know I'm especially adamant this year- we plan on attending the Ohio Mini Convention (yes, I'm offering transport) and we're already behind in our breedings! This last round of litters would have been the perfect age, but now we're getting farther behind every day the does don't breed.

Wonder if I can talk Tim in to helping out in the rabbitry today? Worth a shot- after all, I'll definitely do whatever it takes to get a litter!

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