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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just Piddlin' Around

We've been working hard to get our rabbits to breed! I've got 5 who were caught, keep your fingers crossed they take!

We bought some plastic baby rings for the bunnies the other day- after a quick washing in the dish washer, they are ready to be dispensed to their new owners tomorrow!

I currently have two woolies available- Keep's Maybe so, a black otter jr. buck and Keep's Durham, a seal jr. buck. Maybe So is definitely a brood, with a HUGE head, while Durham is a gorgeous little show prospect- nephew to my buck who placed 2nd at Convention.

I'm already in show withdrawals. Consequently, I've been culling, culling, culling! I just let go of four holland does who I know I'll regret selling. Ahh well! Can't keep them all.

Our Miniature Dachshund female is currently in heat and we hope that soon we'll be welcoming her second litter! If you will be looking for an AKC mini dachshund in the future, please keep us in mind! Her pups were a great success last litter!

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Beth said...

I love mini dachies. I have a black and tan boy myself. He is fixed, as all our dogs are. Remington Steele and his friends have a blog http://rebelshope.livejournal.com/

I am just starting out in rabbit and have only 1 angora buck. I am look at a doe. I know that if people more than a few breeds I turn away too.

Keep said...

Welcome to the rabbit world! Angoras are so much fun, but WOW a lot of work :).

Your mini d's are beautiful! LOVE them! :)