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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Former Resolutions.

My blog from last year is in blue, response to it is in Red- let's see how I did!

With Christmas over, it's time to come up with New Year's Resolutions. I thought I'd share mine with you guys.

-Get Babies:
Pretty self explanatory! My resolution is to get more lighting in to the rabbitry and get more babies! However, two of my wooley girls bred today! Fingers crossed they take! :) Hmm, I have to say this one was accomplished, but only BARELY!.

-Have more Keep's Rabbits than non-Keep's rabbits *all breeds*
I'm fairly close on this goal with Jersey Woolies! With the massive herd reduction on the hollands, it may not be possible this year to get them in to this category. As for mini lops- I'm moving out some non-Keep stock now, so we'll see how it goes! Of course, this goal depends on getting babies! When I sold out of mini lops, this was true. As for Jersey Woolies, I'm going to say it's 50/50- I've sold a good number of Keep's babies while retaining my starter stock and bringing in a few outcrosses.

-Herd Reduction
I'm working on this one right now and I have to say, I've already been fairly successful with moving out a few. I do plan on keeping my herd smaller, which may be hard once I get the aforementioned babies! Help me stay strong guys :-D. Yes! I win! This one I accomplished.

-Grand my first Keep's DOE
I specified doe here, because I've granded Keep's bucks in the past- the most notable being Keep's Super Fly who I believe had 8 legs when I sold him! I'd love to see one of my does grand! I'm already close with one of my mini lop gals having 2 legs. Unfortunately, I've misplaced one of those legs. Gah! This one is heartbreaking because I've had several does come so close to granding, but something always happened to prevent the 3rd leg- for instance, the doe won out of a class of 4, or there were only 2 exhibitors, she placed 2nd the rest of her life until I sold her or she passed, etc, etc. This one I failed! Oh no! My best prospect was a gorgeously clean broken sable point holland- so clean she had NO markings! I've got several gorgeous wooly does that didn't turn senior in time or won't be senior this year- and of course, I've got several with 2 legs, but missing that last one! *sigh*

-Get GCs sent off in a more timely manner.
I'm so bad about this one! I've got one to send off now, as a matter of fact. I'm going to try to get it done by the new year lol. *slides the legs under the couch* Uhm- you caught me- I fail this one too. *sigh* Ok, I'll be better!

Good luck thinking up your own goals and resolutions! Make sure to keep them handy, it's fun to see what you've accomplished!

Wow, so I accomplished a few goals, but not as many as I was hoping! Guess come New Year's I'll set up some new Rabbitry Resolutions and start all over again! :)

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4 Kings Rabbitry said...

What a Neat post!! I love the idea of setting your resolutions and then revisiting it again.:-) Congrats on all your goals met, I look forward to seeing your post for 2009 goals.