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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tons of breedings!

Wow, with the exception of 6 does in my rabbitry, ALL the does of breeding age have been bred! EEEK!

I'll definitely have to look in to alternate nestbox ideas!

My plan is to palpate- those who palp positive will get the nice wooden nestboxes. Those I'm not sure about will get the homemade boxes, those who palp negative will be tried again the next day, then rebred. IF they refuse to breed again, my plan is to give them some kind of box on their due dates as a precaution. I'm not 100% on palpating, after all :).

I'm so excited. I just hope a fair number takes! Most notably, I'd love to see some Barbi and Zora holland babies, and some Nerissa and Bluebelle babies in woolies! Yep- Dear Santa, please deliver plenty of adorable babies to my nestboxes!

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1 comment:

4 Kings Rabbitry said...

I look forward to seeing your litters Kristen!:-) I hope you're blessed with lots of nice babies for the new year.