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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Searching for a Quality Hay

The search is on for a quality hay! I'm SICK to death of getting a bale of hay, only to find thorns, sticks, and dried tomato plants mixed in! I especially dislike having to repeatedly stab myself in the fingers trying to locate and remove the thorns I mentioned.

I've placed an ad on craigslist, hoping to find a horse quality hay- it's so important to get the good stuff. The rabbits eat it, baby rabbits are born in it- mold, thorns and general shoddiness can ruin your herd in a very short time!

Wish me luck on my search,

Keep's Rabbitry


Beth said...
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Beth said...


I am a horse owner so I need a LOT of hay. :) Maybe some of these suggestions would help. Do you have a lot of horses around you? You may visit a stable and tell them you are looking for hay, since you are not going to be buying a lot- compared to a horse owner- they may be willing to share some information with you. You can ask if they would sell you a few bale, or ask where they buy it. I don't know what you have around you, but I live in a rural area so we have feed mills. Some of them sell hay, if they don't they will know a farmer that has hay for sale. Good luck in you search!!

Keep said...

Thanks so much for the suggestions! I REALLY appreciate it! :)