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Monday, December 15, 2008

Regular Husbandry to do today-

Today, in a brief period of not freezing cold, we'll be taking care of regular husbandry issues. Cleaning cages (oh, oh joy), a little breeding, sweeping/raking out the rabbitry...stuff like that.

I think cage cleaning is my least favorite thing to do- especially when a few ALWAYS make an awful mess and it involves scraping the wire to clean them up!

I'll probably also mix up more of my conditioning mix and get it in to the rest of my storage containers. It takes a bit of time, since I've got a "part for part" system, rather than just "dump it in and mix it up".

I also need to get out there and take some pictures! I've got so many gorgeous animals that have never made it to the website- a few are molting or have been chewed on, so I guess they'll have to wait- the others though, need to be added- notably Keep's Burlington (JW), Keep's Dreamer (JW), Keep's Angel (JW) and Lil Bit Farms Zora (HL). I'll have to see if I can sweet talk Tim in to helping me get some pictures!

I also need to make my final decisions on a pair of REW bucks- one is a complete outcross with compatible lines, one is a homebred who is closely related. Who to keep...who to keep?

Oh speaking of- I've got several juniors-about to or newly turned senior. I need to check that so I can be prepared to breed them! So much to dooo! :)

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