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Friday, December 26, 2008

Lil Bun Designs

I don't do a lot of product promotion on the blog, as you guys know. However, I feel compelled to share this link with you.

Lil Bun Designs

Lil Bun Designs is the brain-child of Lauren N., formerly of Kismet Rabbitry up in Michigan. She had to sell out to go to college. Her rabbits aren't back yet, but she's making her talents available for pet lovers and animal breeders everywhere!

If you've been to my site, you've seen my Keep's Rabbitry logo (currently being redesigned to remove the mini lops). That came from Lauren, as well as the designs on the shirts my husband and I wore at Convention.
I've also commissioned a traditional picture for a friend of mine as a Christmas gift last year. I was thrilled with the results (I had asked for a family of Hollands- two parents and 5 babies (one a BEW, to represent the friend's family). My friend LOVED it, and has actually scanned it to use as a business card!
So, if you're looking for a logo, webset, special portrait of a beloved pet (any pet, she does all kinds of beautiful animals), check out her website. She can do the cartoony version I love so much, or an extremely realistic look, as she did for my dachshund Roxy. She even did a wild version of my Corgi, Dixie!

If you stop by and order something, let her know you found her site through Keep's Blog. :) It's not for any kind of kickback or anything like that, just satisfaction that in some small way, we helped.

Keep's Rabbitry

1 comment:

Lauren said...

thank you so much keep! *hugs* you are a dear!!

(as I work on your new and improved logo, eeee it's looking so cute!!)