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Friday, December 12, 2008

How Many Is Too Many?

How many breeds is too many?

I was told when I first started out in rabbits "No one will take you seriously if you have more than two breeds." Is this true? In some cases, it is. Some people don't give serious consideration to anyone with more than one breed- two at the most.

I tend to judge based on the quality of the lines and the animal in front of me. If you have 7 breeds, then fine.

I also look at the purpose of the breeds- is it breed promotion, like my Belgians and Thriantas? Is it for meat production, like Cals and NZs? Is it because of a parent, sibling or significant other that takes care of 1-2 breeds?

However- if you have 16 breeds, I think perhaps you should evaluate why you're breeding. Do you fully know the standard for all 16? Do you have the best you can get and are you producing top quality animals? If you are, keep doing what you are doing. If you aren't, perhaps you should cull out a few breeds and increase the quality in what you have already.

I also don't believe you should have a ton of breeds for the sole purpose of making sales, having no competition at the shows or just being able to have pet sales whenever anyone is looking for anything. Don't add breeds just because you happened to get a cute pet off the raffle.

At the end of the day though- it's your rabbitry, you pay the bills. If have thirty breeds makes you happy, then do it. Just remember- it's part of our responsiblity as breeders to work to improve the breed- not just slap two animals together and produce things to sell.

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