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Friday, July 27, 2007

Yogurt-y Goodness.

Oh yes, this is going to be the yogurt topic! Most of the folks on my favorite Rabbit Forum know all about Yogurt- courtesy of the Yogurt Queen Krys. I wanted to post the information I've learned from her here for everyone else.

Basically, use a quality yogurt. I use Fruit on the Bottom Breyer's generally, yogurt isn't expensive and a cup of it to save a bunny is well worth the 50 cents. Some folks recommend using plain yogurt if you're experiencing diarrhea because of the sugar in the fruit. I have fed fruit-on-the-bottom to rabbits with diarrhea with no trouble, so that is really up to you I guess. Keep in mind that a sugar boost can pull a rabbit back from death, so if it is close to dying, it may be worth the chance. A rabbit with mild diarrhea probably doesn't need that sugar boost, so plain may be the way to go.

Always use regular yogurt. The Lite stuff can contain aspartame, which causes more harm than good. Also check to make sure that there are live and active cultures in the yogurt. These cultures are what helps the rabbit's gut, working to get rid of bad bacteria. The El Cheapo versions don't have live cultures 9 times out of 10. The exception to this is Walmart brand, but I personally have a hard time finding regular kinds, not the "lite" stuff.

If you have a rabbit that is not eating, period, syringe feed them as much yogurt as you can get them to take. This food can be what keeps them going. Also make sure to syringe in some water, if they aren't drinking otherwise. I saved a doe by force feeding her yogurt every half hour (she'd only take a cc or two at a time before she'd stop trying to swallow), water and organic pea baby food.

Krys claims yogurt puts a shine in to their coats like you wouldn't believe. While she feeds yogurt on a regular basis, I tend to feed it as a treat, or if someone looks like they are getting a little skinny, for whatever reason. Some were not fans of the yogurt the first time I offered it, others will take the syringe out of my hand if they can!

So remember, if you have a rabbit looking a little skinny, sick or that just needs that little something extra, try yogurt! :)

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