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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bred Some Bunnies

Due to the coolness of temperatures lately, I bred some rabbits last night- both were mini lops. One is the same cross that produced GC Keep's Super Fly. The other is a cross between Abby and Joe- the same that produced the DOA litter for me just recently.

Unfortunately, none of my Hollands would lift! I guess they are going to have to go on a car ride around the block to get them interested. That is one thing that frustrates me about my Hollands- they are perfectly happy to never have babies! In mini lops, I've had 4 month olds lift so high when being petted, they fell over! Judas felt my frustration too- he tried so hard to get his doe bred, then would come and look at me (I was sitting beside his cage) with this pleading look, like he was saying "make her play nice!". Then, he'd go try again. After the 4th or so pitiful look from him, I gave him a quick head rub, then fished his doe out of the cage and put her back.

I do plan on breeding one of my REW wooley does to my chestnut buck soon. I'm hoping to produce a few agoutis! Otherwise, I'll be overrun with REWs soon. However, the buck does carry REW, so who knows. He's 0-4 for color with REWs so far lol.

I have two wooley litters due next week! Wish me luck. With the move, my record is a dismal 1 baby out of 4 does pregnant. I don't even want to talk about all the DOAs! :( I'm hoping these does give me some little ones to play with!

I'll keep trying on those Hollands!

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