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Friday, July 20, 2007


Wow! I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, so no blog from me until now!

Entries were sent in for the Taylorsville show. I was very displeased with the state of the coats on my junior hollands. Consequently, I'm showing 1 holland, 2 jersey woolies, and between us, Tim and I are showing 7 mini lops. However, I have not received confirmation on my entries, so I do plan on printing the email I sent, as well as the email follow up. Always Carbon Copy or Blind Carbon Copy (CC: or BCC:) yourself on your entries, just in case something like this happens!

Speaking of bad coats- one of my up-and-coming woolies has had his nibbled completely off. As I walked around feeding last night, I noticed he wasn't in his cage! At the same time, his cage door was shut and secured. I nearly had a heartattack, because we left the door partially open for ventilation all day. After resigning myself to him being stolen or lost (knowing I hadn't moved him!), Tim found him perched on a ledge, between the cage of a very cute little wooley girl his own age, and one of my holland bucks! Talk about a relief! We still don't know how it happened though, I plan to take steps to up my security.

I sold two of my junior rabbits! I'm very happy about that, it's a little more cage space, and a few less I have to haul to the show! WOO! Go Me ;).

Today is going to be awful. I have to print peds, make sure everyone I want to sell has their pedigree in my program (I'm lazy...), clip nails, do tattoos...I just hope it doesn't rain again today.

We also added a new creature to the menagerie! Her name is Laci and she is an adorable AKC Australian Shepherd Blue Merle!! Thanks Alison :D.

Guys, stay tuned for the arrival of Mr. Licky, the wonder bun from Malena!

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