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Friday, July 13, 2007


I'm so very excited! My first show in almost 2 months is coming up- the Taylorsville Night Show on the 21st. It's a double open (not sure about youth), but it doesn't start until 7pm! Due to getting home last year at 5:30 AM, I'm only going to get to attend the first show, but something is better than nothing!

Shows can be a lot of work- even though it's still over a week away, I've already got a list of sales rabbits I want to take. I'll probably go through everyone again tonight and make sure I don't want to take along anyone else.

It's also time to start looking at who is going to show. Is that junior still too young to take? Who is in fur condition? Who is likely to still be in condition? Ruling out some rabbits now helps save me time on Wednesday, when I'm checking coats for the final time (since entries are due Wednesday evening.)

I also have to check my entry fees. Oh joy, I just LOVE seeing the totals pop up, as I'm sure the rest of you do. Of course, it hurts a little more that fees went up 50 cents. Though, the clubs have to make money to put on shows! It just means one or two rabbits have to stay home.

Once I find out how many I can responsibly take to show and figure out how many have a chance of doing well in present condition, I've got to make sure everyone has a tattoo! Happily, I just bought a Rabbitat and with a little help from the person who makes them, we got it working! WOOOO! Now, I just have to make those tattoos look better- poor Scout was my guinea pig, and he has a very sad looking "S" in his ear and a mental complex.

So much to do, but I'm so excited! We'll pack the car the night before, putting in my for sale board, our camping chairs, my little cart I got for Christmas from my in-laws (can you believe they didn't think I'd LOVE it?!) and my business cards. It seems funny, I KNOW we'll pack the night before, because it's part of our ritual, even though in this case, we won't even leave for the show until the afternoon. Some habits are hard to break.

I should be posting a final show list Wednesday night :).

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