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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Benefits to Rabbit Forums

Non-rabbit people tend to think I'm insane for being on a Rabbit Forum. I'm not assuming, they've told me it's taking it to a whole new level of dorkness (I'm so sorry- didn't realize being able to tell the name and plot of a Star Trek Episode by the first 3 seconds constituted cool these days). But actually, rabbit forums can be a huge benefit to a rabbit breeder.

New People

It's so easy to meet new people online. You just post your typical "Hi, my name is Kristen and I raise hollands, mini lops and woolies" and people come out of the woodwork to welcome you and tell you what they raise and where! You may even get to know a local breeder better and come up with a real life friend. You get the opportunity to interact with folks you'd have never met- we have members from the US, Canada and England. It's fascinating how different our rabbits can be, from those of our neighbors across the ocean. Even animals on the East Coast compared to the West Coast are very different!

I did not know that...

On my favorite forum (link at the bottom), you have the opportunity to take advantage of a critique section, a genetic section, breeding, showing, etc. So, if you're considering a new breed, like I was, I just asked everyone there- "What do you think of Woolies?". We critique juniors, seniors and potential purchases for each other, one of the genetically minded folks can tell you what to expect from a potential breeding- and the most fun is when you have a mystery baby! Just slap a picture up and everyone can take a go at it! Have a medical bunny problem? TRY YOGURT ;).

Support ain't just pantyhose

One of the most important aspects to a forum is support. When I got overly frustrated by my beginner herd, these were the folks I talked to. They offered advice on how to improve the rabbits. We get congratulations for wins, condolences for losses and it really is so much more tightly knit than you'd expect for a forum. Plus, the jokes and teasing folks appeals to me. Poor Tim would be run ragged if I couldn't burn off some energy by playing around with these folks! We can also get support in non-rabbit related aspects of our life. Who couldn't use a little more support? I mean really.


Oh yeah, I post for sale lists up there. If they don't personally need anything, someone may know someone! Not to mention, I'm able to drool over the rabbits of my neighbors, as well as those out in California, Michigan, Georgia- wherever.

I love having a forum to go to when I'm unsure of something, want to brag a little, or just want to let off a little steam.

If you don't have a forum, we'd love for you to come check this one out- Rabbit Habbit

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