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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This and That

This post is going to be a little more of a this-and-that type deal.

To start off, I have several rabbits for sale, bucks and does, juniors and seniors, all Holland Lops. For the sake of NOT being as long winded as usual, I'm going to post just the facts- name, class, color and sex, and any legs. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to see pictures of anyone, everyone will be available at the Taylorsville Night Show on the 21st. I do discount on multiple purchases and I am willing to consider offers, if you don't like the price quoted :). I HAVE to make space, otherwise Tim may have a screaming hemorrhage.

Hamilton's Fendi: Tort Sr. Holland Lop Doe.
Keep's ?: Jr Holland Lop Doe Tort Doe
Keep's ??: Jr Holland Lop Tort buck
NGF Aquilla (Dega): Chestnut Sr. Holland Lop Buck 2 legs
Huckleberry's Mrs. Lady: SMOKE PEARL sr. holland lop Doe. -not proven-
Keep's Liberty- broken tort sr Holland Lop Doe 1 leg -not proven-
NGF Dream- broken tort Sr. Holland Lop Doe

They are not proven if they've never given birth to a litter. In Liberty's case, she's only been bred twice, in Mrs. Lady's case, she has never been bred. Prices will be adjusted accordingly. All torts are black torts, unless specified.

Second, if anyone has any questions they want to ask, topics they'd like my opinion on (Rabbit related pleeease), stories they want to hear, whatever, email me and let me know! As much as I love to chatter, I'd love a direction in which to go. :D. Otherwise, you may be stuck hearing stories about how my baby bunnies like to play "shh-pretend-you're-dead-so-Kristen-has-a-heartattack!" Or how the chickens like to fly the coop each night. Of course, you'll probably end up hearing those stories anyway :D.

Now on to my story of the day- I have two chickens, Rhode Island Reds. I can only assume they are hens, because I've heard no crowing yet- but really, I have no idea :). They live in a fenced off dirt room at the back of the Rabbitry. I hoped they'd help keep flies down, plus we really weren't sure where to put them.

Last night I realized I'd left the back light on, so I ran outside to turn it off, when I saw movement over near the mini lop cages. I've been told by neighbors we have a coyote that stalks the trashcans around here, so my first thought is "It's found some way to sneak in!". Still, I'm hoping it will get scared and run back out the same way it came in. I ease around the bale of hay I have, peek around one of my three stackers to look over the top of the two hole stacker, hoping to catch a glimpse of it....

There, sitting on TOP of my two hole stacker was one of the chickens! I was so relieved. Apparently it had decided to come keep my bunnies company and that was the movement I had seen when I walked in. Of course, once out, she didn't want to go back IN her pen, so it took me another 5 minutes to shoo her to the fencing and lob her over to join her buddy.

Gotta love it.

Thanks for reading!
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