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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I did some breedings today- my hollands were particularly difficult last time I tried, but today I got two bred- Tommy to Mrs. Lady and Judas to Dream. Both these does are so cute I had a hard time selling them without at least getting babies from them- in fact, I actually talked someone out of buying Dream! Crazy, I know. The car ride seems to have done them some good- now I just hope those one or two days of heat didn't make the bucks go sterile!

I also bred Chester, my agouti JW buck to Nerissa, a REW. It's my first attempt breeding these two together, I hope all goes well! Of course, I can't be 100% sure Chester "got" her...someone walked down the road and all the dogs felt the need to go run to the road and bark, so I had to exit the barn rather quickly, leaving the two of them alone together. *SIGH* I'll put them together again in a few hours.

And of course, my biggest experiment was Joe to Kris. She has a wonderful body but her head is so darn narrow! It's going to make it difficult for her to get that senior leg she needs. I'm hoping that Joe will be able to successfully "fix" her narrowness, or at least diminish it. If he can't, I'll try her one more time with Funky, who has a gorgeous head. This would possibly produce charlies, but I'm willing to take that chance. If the head fails to straighten out, she'll be removed from the herd.

I'm selling her sister for the same fault, narrow head. However, her ease of posing and gorgeous body makes her a wonderful 4-H bunny, or brood doe for someone looking to see if they can fix that head. I believe she'll work out well for someone.

I'm about to start a fairly large mini lop herd reduction. Notable faces include GC (pending) Keep's Super Fly, a promising chestnut doe out of Joe x Bertha (Fly's mother), one of my brood does Barbara's Ophelia (related closely to Bertha and BIS winner Abby) and various others. Keep an eye on the For Sale page of my website for info, though I'll probably try to post a list here as well.

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