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Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Incredible Mr. Licky!

So, as I promised, Mr. Licky is about to make his debut. He's been here for a week, but he's been a little shy. Let me tell you his story-

I had taken a few babies over to Malena's house, so she could help me evaluate their show potential. We were also returning the 4 carriers she had lent us for our cross-state move (only 3 were left there, but that's another story lol). As happens, we were given a tour of her awesome rabbitry, and she happened to show me a set of holland babies. Upon sticking my hand in the cage, I was attacked from all sides, not only by the babies, but by Mama! I twitched a little, before realizing they were all licking me. None licked me so long as Mr. Licky, and I scooped him up to show Tim. Instantly, he started licking my chin! I was in love. To my surprise, Malena offered the little buck to me! Thus, Hamilton's Mr. Licky joined Keep's Rabbitry! We picked him up at the Taylorsville night show. He's a bit uncertain about his new home, but I have hopes for his future show career- not to mention he's my only broken holland buck currently. No pressure to be beautiful, Mr. Licky.

Mr. Licky, the folks would like to see you now...are you ready?

Licky! That's not polite! Turn around here so the folks can see you...don't be shy!

That's much better! See? They don't bite- I told you they wouldn't.

What was that? Get your good side? You're so vain.

Well, there he is folks! The newest addition to Keep's Rabbitry! Take a bow, Mr. Licky!

Thanks for Reading!
-Kristen & Mr. Licky
Keep's Rabbitry


hopnlops said...

Awww....Mr. Licky, he's such a sweetheart!
I hope he turns out nice for you ;)

Anonymous said...
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