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Monday, July 30, 2007

Exploding Bunnies!

Ok, so they aren't *really* exploding, but it sure feels that way! I'm proud to announce that finally, my two holland bucks Judas and Tommy have decided to ditch their crunchy dead coats. They, along with my chestnut buck Dega and my mini lop buck Funky have gone in to full blown molt! This is great, from a show standpoint- should I want to show them in September, they will have gorgeous new coats with great texture. And, if I need to add any more fur to my "bad mama" collection (fur to line the nests of does who don't pull enough or any fur for their kits), now is the perfect time to get it! Even barely touching the boys makes hunks fall out!

A downside is the air is full of fur floating on breezes, or sticking to everyone else's cages. I'm definitely going to have to distribute some papaya pills to help prevent fur-block before it gets started. I'm also trying to clean up the cages as best I can each day, so their waste doesn't stick to it and soil their cages, rather than pans. Unfortunately, these bucks have just started their molts, so the worst is yet to come!

Chester the wooley is molting himself bald. I find it interesting that only my boys are going through "the change". All the ladies in the rabbitry are holding coat.

Keep my ugly boys in your thoughts! I wish the rest of you luck with dealing with your own exploding bunnies- I'm just happy I don't have allergies!

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