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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Peanut Update

My peanut is still alive. It doesn't look like it's growing at all, but it's still alive and kicking.

I have no, literally, NO idea what I am going to do with thing if it survives to weaning.

Scratch that, I actually might. I just met someone recently who loves to take hard luck cases. She currently has a pet bunny with a broken back that she loves to distraction, that gets bathed daily and wears a diaper.

I wonder if she'd be willing to take on a little, odd peanut. After all, if it survives, it's surely going to be adorable and tiny.

I'm getting ahead of myself of course- it's only a week old.

I'll have to get pictures of it and it's humongoid fatty fatty siblings. I keep expecting to go in there and find that it's passed away. I have two does due soon- if they take, I may foster the peanut over to one of them, to give it a better chance for milk with the smaller babies.

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