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Saturday, July 3, 2010

How the Bunnies Ruined the 4th of July.

I know it's the 3rd of July. And I know it's only noon, so we still have a lot of day to go through, but I had to share this.

My brother and my dad are coming over later today. My brother Josh is off at NADC in Nashville, so it's rare he gets back. We're grilling out a little early for the 4th and plan to go see the fireworks later tonight.

I decided to go all out and make some homemade ice cream. The last time I used my Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker it was an unmitigated disaster- it was it's first time out of the box and my usual recipe just did NOT turn out correctly.

So, I researched new recipes and found one. After 20 minutes of painstaking preparation, I turn the machine on and get to cleaning up the kitchen. 15 minutes in, I check on it- the ice cream is looking fantastic. 20 minutes in, it's looking even better. We're coming up on the 25 minute switch off period when Tim comes running in the house, baby holland in his hands. I run out to put the little guy back, wondering how he got out of his cage when I notice that the litter has knocked their J feeder off, and two more are missing.

Thus ensues a baby-hunt of epic proportions, through the crowded garage. We finally wrangle the missing two and I put them in their cage and rehang the J feeder.

I come back in the house and realize that the ice cream machine is still on. No big deal, I thought.

Apparently, I have now succeeded in making vanilla-flavored whipped cream. I'm so not kidding. I wish I was. Who knew 10 extra minutes made such a big deal in this ice cream maker?

There is no time to make more, I can't eat more than a spoon full because it literally tastes like Whipped Cream and my Pièce de résistance of the meal is ruined.

*sigh* OH bunnies.

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April said...

Bunnies are so good at messing up plans. lol Nothing ever goes well. I'm sorry about your icecream. Maybe there's a locally owned ice cream shop nearby you could try out?

Julie said...

LOL! This whole post had me laughing...

Keep said...

lol luckily we were all full anyway, but I forced my brother and dad to try it LOL!. *barf*

Julie, glad my misfortune amuses you :P