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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Litter Consistency

I've been trying to evaluate some of the wooly babies over the last few days- at least enough to say "Ok, you're 3/3 in the litter, you have to move out."

I can't even do that right now. It's ridiculous.

I am amazed and thrilled at the consistency I'm getting in my litters right now. Body type is very similar, heads and ears are very similar- it makes it miserable for me to decide who to move out, I can tell you that.

It sure doesn't make it any easier that most of these beautiful babies are bucks. Eurgh, I have such a weakness for bucks!

I know I should begin looking at color- for example, I have a litter of four bucks- 2 REWs, a chestnut and an otter. I KNOW what the otter is, I KNOW what the chestnut is- the REWs could be either one. So it really makes more sense for me to keep either the agouti or the tan pattern. Of course, I don't really need bucks in either variety. Thus part of my quandary. Why did I do the breeding you ask? I was hoping for does lol.

UGH! What to do, what to do- I can NOT grow out all 13 of these bucks. Especially since I've got approximately 5 bucks out of a new buck with another litter of 3 not to weaning age. These babies I'll need to keep longer because I'm not sure how the dad's line develops, which means some of these others have GOT to go!

Wish me luck on making a decision :(.

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