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Friday, July 9, 2010

The New Barn!

The new barn is here! We purchased the AC right after it arrived yesterday- I've got my fingers crossed that it fits in the window, it's going to be tight.

I can't wait to get the bunnies moved in! We've got a few other things to do before they make the short trip over.

I've made a few more decisions in which bunnies will be leaving here- which is actually exciting for me. I know they'll turn out beautifully, but you know how it is, I've got to make some cuts!

I'm pleased to say that I think I'll be able to keep more cages than I originally thought. I will still probably be letting a few go. I wish I could outfit the new barn with new cages as well, but that is definitely going to have to wait!

Pictures coming when everyone is set up :D.

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