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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What to Wear at a Rabbit Show

I get this question a LOT. "What do you wear at a bunny show?" So, this is a bunny version of "What Not to Wear..."

Don't wear... wait a minute.

Who cares?

In rabbit showing, there is no set uniform to wear (thankfully!). You don't have to be dressed up like in dog or horse shows.

Basically, wear whatever is comfortable to you. Wear something that you don't mind getting covered up in hair/wool, peed on, icky poop smeared on, or that won't kill you if a twitchy rabbit hooks a nail and makes a hole in.

Lots of folks use aprons to give their clothing a bit of protection. I had one that I won as a BOB award, but have no idea where it is. It saved me from wet clothes a few times though!

One fellow wooly exhibitor had the great idea of using a hair-dresser type coat. Sorry, I have no idea how to explain it better than that. It's made of a slick material, which makes clean up easier and protects her clothing.

There are also arm wraps. My pair is made of a thick fleece to protect my arms from being clawed. My holland co-op partner Joni has a pair of kevlar sleeves that she says are hot, but immensely useful in the same way my fleece wraps are.

That's basically it as far as most useful apparel. I've often though how awesome a tool belt would be. Clippers here, a comb there, pen and pad pocket on the side for results- Hmmm. I may have to start working on that.

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Sharon said...

I showed dogs for year and although I had to wear a suit in the show ring I wore a pet grooming smock over my clothes until the moment I entered the show ring. They are similar to hair dresser's smocks. You can buy them at petedge.com