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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rabbitry Ideas

Okie dokie, so the time has come! I'm putting out a call for folks to PLEASE share rabbitry ideas with me!

I'm looking for something either cheap (but sturdy!) or reasonably priced and portable! Above all though, I'm looking for SAFETY. I want the rabbits to be safe in it, no worries about it collapsing on them, the elements getting to them- nothing like that.

I've got a few ideas of my own but I've not got anything nailed down yet.

You're welcome to post in comments, or email me at enslaved by bunnies @ hotmail .com. Please removed the spaces, which have been entered to keep from getting spammed to death :).

Thanks guys!!

Keep's Rabbitry


April said...

1. Use a chain link dog kennel. Check Craigslist for cheaper used ones. You could cover it with a portable carport.

2. A lattice-work building would be cheap and sturdy. I saw some photos of a very functional lattice rabbitry, I'll try to find those for you.

3. Use recycled wood pallets. If you google pallet buildings, there are several examples.

Jessica said...

If your yard is fenced and you don't fear animals attacking your rabbits, you could do a portable carport. They have the kind that zipper up the side. We wound up spending $120 on it and used a replacement tarp kit thing ($80) to go over it - the double cover really helped keep the sun out. We cut a hole in one side for the cooler then left the zipper part was open with the fan pointing out for a push pull method.

We are currently in the process of turning an old diesal trailer into a barn. It's 26.5X8. We have stripped it bare and are putting in new insalation. We will be putting in 2 exhaust fans and a cooler. I have decided against a window but will add vents as well along the bottom. With a swamp cooler, you have to keep the sun out. Should stay nice and cool and the vents and exhaust fans will allow ample ventalation. Anyway, it's going to cost about $500 not counting the cooler. We got the trailer for free. We are also doing a vynal floor =) It's on wheels so technically portible although you need a semi to move it - lol (which was also free - Jason's uncle is a truck driver).

Susie said...

my old rabbit leader had the dog kennel and then put bamboo covering all around it. it had a concrete floor and you'd just spray the floor into a hole where it would fill and then it would go down into the sewer. one of my favorite rabbitries by FAR. loved it. and this fall when we build mine (unless I "sell out") I think thats what I want to do. :)

Keep said...

I love you guys!! Thanks for the ideas :D.