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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Show Today

Wow, the show today was HOT! HOT HOT HOT.

I went to the show with no hopes of winning BOB- and guess what happened? I didn't win BOB! I'm awesome at predicting lol. Seriously though, I had 4 to show- 3 molting and one a molting baby. I was pleased to bring home a BOSG in Show A and a BOG in Show B :).

Show B's win went to Keep's Heart Throb (who you may remember as the subject of a 'why you don't cull in uglies' post). I'm happy with that, he's working on his G.C. and this was his first senior show- and first senior leg! :)

There was a lot of down time in this show. I was thrilled to get to cycle around and actually speak to folks this go round- even getting to sit down a few times and chat! I met a few new breeders, which is always fun, evaluated a few bunnies, talked to multiple people about moving and the future rabbitry and got to see folks I haven't seen in months.


Keep's Rabbitry

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Keepee,

Congrats on your win! I am sure Heart Throb will be granded soon...