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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Exciting Announcement-

We're moving! I've known for a while, but due to certain restrictions, we couldn't share the news with anyone before today.

I'm thrilled to be moving- we're staying in state of course. Sadly, we won't be much closer to any of the usual shows, but we're going to be VERY close to the Greensboro shows! I look forward to having folks come stay with us before a show for once!

It's going to be a pain moving everyone- of course, we did it when we moved up here without too much problem. I just have to be very careful in my breedings and make sure I don't have to try to pack up mothers with 3 week old litters.

As far as we know right now, we're going to have to try to build or buy a rabbitry, though there is a place I can keep them temporarily.

I'm SO excited about doing our own rabbitry. I've got a thousand different ideas, we'll just have to visit our new house and scout out locations to place it- and then I'll have to start pricing pre-built buildings versus the supplies to build my own. Ideally the barn will be moveable- as in semi-easy to break down and take with us when we move again. Ideally, it will also not send us to the poor house to build.

So excited! I can't wait :D. I am not a fan of the unpacking and the nitty gritty packing you get down to when you have the last few things to try to shove in the box... but I love being in new areas! A whole new house, new area to explore, new places to eat, new JOB OPPORTUNITIES! (This is a big one for me!)... Just can't wait :D.

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