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Friday, May 28, 2010


I was on vacation and without internet for a week! It was tough :).

First off, some very sad news- Keep's Oasis, fresh off a BOSB in Columbia, SC, passed away today. He was fine and then he was gone. I'm going to miss that little guy SO much, especially since his dad, Keep's Forest, is now states away with his new owner. :(.

In some "I can't believe I was that stupid" news, I sent off my entries for Taylorsville- without specifying what BREED I was entering. All I can say is... wow lol. Hopefully I don't cause too much havoc, since I was only able to clarify TODAY and the show is tomorrow. Oops.

I came home to tons of molty bunnies. In fact, 1/3 of my entry has to be scratched, they are molting THAT BAD. Everyone was in great condition though- I'm so happy. Malena at Hamilton's Hoppin' Lops did me the hugest favor of caring for everyone while we were gone. My little babies have grown SO MUCH! I can't believe it. Bunnies that were barely out of the box when we left are now running around acting silly. We've got tons of agouti or agouti-carriers, a pair of tans, and I don't think I've got any colored-selfs right now. I have only a lone pair of shaded babies- out of separate litters. I'm going to have to have a talk with my shaded girls and see WHAT is going on.

I put in 5 boxes today. One doe jumped in IMMEDIATELY. One tried to attack the box (I'm taking that as a good sign) and three sniffed around. They are all due on the 30th, so my fingers are crossed.

Keep's Rabbitry

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