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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holland Co Op!

I'd been getting tired of the hollands. I love the breed but I was just missing the excitement I'd had.

I talked to a fellow breeder who was feeling the same way and we tentatively started talking about the possibility of a co-op.

Months went by and recently I emailed her and very simple said "If you want to do a co-op, let's do it. Otherwise, I'm selling out."

She emailed me back with "Let's go for it."

After a lot of pedigree comparing, rabbit evaluating & dotting the i's, crossing the t's, etc-

We'd like to introduce you to KLC Hollands- a NC co-op between Keep's Rabbitry and Lyle Creek's Rabbitry!

Joni and I are maintaining separate JW herds and our own websites, but all babies born to us from today out will fall under the prefix KLC's

Keep's Rabbitry

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