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Monday, January 18, 2010

Productive Day!

Wow, we had a productive day today- Tim cleaned up some cage pans while I scraped wire to remove any stray hair and poo balls.

Then, I groomed eight of the woolies- one who was matted things to her goofball brother, several that just needed to be checked for mats because they are little and a few I was going to sell and though "eh, why not?"

Of my six wooly babies, 2 were bucks and 4 were does! I definitely don't need more bucks right now lol. I need to move a few out as is.

I've got a few for sale right now-

Sable Point Jr. Buck
Wooligans Arabella (siamese sable) x Keep's Tryon (siamese sable)

Beautiful CLEAN sable point coloring. 2 1/2 months old and in the uglies. Looks like he's going to be a VERY cute buck, would like to see more thickness to ears at the current time. Has a rip in one ear- I'm not sure if it detracts from his overall appearance or not.

REW Jr. Doe
TB's Shadow (siamese sable) x WWR Little Steps (smoke pearl)

3 1/2 months old. Not currently showable due to chopped wool. I LOVE the shape of her head and ears. Looks like she might be a little more brood than show.

I'm definitely moving out a self buck soon as well.

I also accomplished some breedings! HOOORAY :). I didn't get many done, just a few woolies, but something is better than nothing! :)

I've got to leave for a rabbit club meeting soon. I'm so tired though! Ah well, it's a day dedicated to bunnies :D.


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