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Sunday, January 3, 2010

So Cold!

We had the first ever New Year's Show in Taylorsville on Saturday- it was actually on Jan. 2nd, but hey, still the New Year's Show! :).

We got there right around 7:30am, in the FREEZING cold. I'm not kidding folks, it was in the teens with the windchill. We found out the club wasn't allowed to turn the heat on in the building until 7am that morning, so it was obscenely cold. So obscenely cold, it was nearly impossible to force my hands to do the touch ups on the tattoos I had meant to do the night before. Procrastination: 1, Kristen: 0.

Tim made a run to the nearest Walmart for Hot Hands and Gloves- it really made ALL the difference. I don't think I could have made it through the day otherwise.

The first show we didn't do a lot as far as results in the woolies. Keep's Cairo did take BOG for his second leg (he's a shaded senior buck, my beloved Tryon is at home looking icky LOL), WWR's Little Steps took second in that class. Keep's KTLM, a shaded jr doe, took BOSG and was looked at hard for BOB (though it went to a beautiful broken black doe from Tresia Burleson). Keep's Burlington, owned by Joni at Lyle Creek, did take 2nd in the Self Sr. Buck class, losing out on wool to the first place animal. Poor Burlington, he needs to finish growing out that coat!

In Hollands, in our first show as a Co-Op, Lyle Creek's Quizno earned his first leg, taking BOSV against some EXCELLENT competition.

Show B looked up for me as far as woolies, with Keep's Forest (the self sr. buck) taking BOSB, again to Tresia's broken doe... do I sense another DD on the rise? lol. Cairo again took BOG for his granding leg, KTA a jr. shaded buck won his class and KTLM won hers again as well. Keep's Tar Heel, my self jr. buck, also won his class, but no legs on any of the class wins :(.

By this time, we were ready to get out of dodge! It was now tolerable in the building, but it wasn't warm enough to remove our gloves or put down the hot hands by any means!

One cute moment of the day- the club decided to give out a prize to the first DQs and first BOBs of the New Year. Leave it to the wooly table to produce the first DQ, with a lack of tattoo on a doe. *Ding Ding Ding*, we rang the bell and the "winner" accepted her sparkly "DQ" pin.

We came home find more snow on the ground and frozen water bottles- oh joy. After the windchill got in to the negatives last night, we're up to a whopping 6 degree windchill, with a 19 degree actual temperature- and it's coming up on the warmest part of the DAY! They are calling for this all week, so I guess we're going to have to get used to our new watering and feeding routine. Bah

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