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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Show Results

Today was a rare show- it wasn't in Taylorsville!

First show we had Stacey Bollinger-Sauter. Never had her before, so it was a new experience!

Didn't do much until Keep's Epiphany (shaded sr. doe) took 1/4- BOG FOR HER GRANDING LEG! Yes, Yes, I finally granded out a doe LOL. I can mark that off my resolutions post at the end of the year!

Keep's KTA (shaded jr. buck) took 1/2- BOSG- BOSB!! I love this little buck so much.

Second Show we had Rusty Westhoff. I was hoping to get Travis Finkle, having never showed under him, but he was engaged with other breeds. Still, it worked out pretty well for me-

Keep's Chapel Hill (self senior doe) took 1/5- BOSG

Keep's Cairo (shaded sr. buck)- 1/6- BOG

Keep's KTA- (shaded jr. buck)- 1/2. There was a mix up and he was taken off the table instead of one of the other animals, so he wasn't shown for Group.

Keep's KSA (shaded jr. doe)- 1/2- BOSG. Rusty LOVED her. LOVED her sister KTLM too.

I enjoyed seeing everyone! :D.

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