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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Saying Goodbye

One of my favorite hollands is going to her new home today.

Talk about Depressing.

Barbi doll is going out to help another herd and I've brought her in for a last hour of cuddly before her new owner gets here.

It's so hard to let the special ones go- Barbi was a doe I spent a LOT of time working with as a baby, we nearly lost her and if not for Barbi Brown's expertise and encouragement, she'd have died.

She's such a sweet doe and makes such beautiful babies... I'm keeping her daughter Amelia to replace her in the herd, but there is just no replacing her in my heart.

There are always a few special animals in the herd who you just can't let go. Were something to happen tomorrow that caused me to sell out, I just don't know that I could let a few of them out there go.

I'm really just wallowing in misery. I should have probably told you that beforehand.

Barbi is going to be a productive member of a new herd though. Hopefully I'll be in a position to buy her back as a beloved pet when she's done.

Ahh well, they say you shouldn't show your pet bunnies or pet your show bunnies and for the most part I follow that. That doesn't mean you can't love on your show animals, it simply means Don't Get Attached!!

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens.

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LilBitFarms said...

Many hugs from Oklahoma!