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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Good Kind Of Lazy

Sometimes I'm really lazy. "Groan, I don't wanna tattoo! I'll do it in the morning and I'll groom then too."

Sometimes it bites me in the butt- as it did in Columbia, SC where I was frantically trying to tattoo a rabbit who's class had just been called to be put up. I pulled it off, but WHOA.

Sometimes, it's a good kind of lazy.

There have been several rabbits I've decided to sell that no one seemed interested in. I put them back in their cages, intending to pet them out or let them go for meat and for one reason or another it just never happens. So I end up feeding these culls.

Such is the case with Keep's Poplar. Not a bad little buck, he was by no means a stunner. I showed him once or twice and he got some meh results from the judges- he wasn't first off the table, but he didn't earn any junior legs either.

I put him for sale, no one wanted him. It happens. Junior bucks seem to be harder to move out than junior does anyway.

So, poor Poplar was going to go for meat. I had no use for him, he didn't wow me, he's not the best candidate for a pet (an older junior wooled breed animal? Most people run screaming in horror) - so why not let him go for a purpose? However- time marched by and it just didn't happen. No room to take him to the show to be culled, no meat person going to be there, no purpose in getting Joni's skinning knife out for one small rabbit... no pet person calling, begging me for a 5 month old REW wooled buck pet.

And so he stayed and he ate- but most importantly, he grew.

I was out grooming today. It was the first time I'd had any kind of chance to do it. Most are fine, but some of the juniors were matty and I decided to pull Poplar out for giggles and pose him up, then see if he needed any grooming.

Let me just say, he's got a few little side mats from changing out his coat.

Next let me say........uhm..WOW?

I knew his head had filled out well, but when I posed him up, I just have to say... wow. My little pretty decent duckling has turned in to the Golden Goose. I'm very pleased with him!

Thankfully, I was striken with a good kind of lazy, because I'd hate to have culled this guy for a pet or meat. He may be making an appearance at Nationals, along with his father.

So if you find yourself a little slow or lazy culling a decent little animal, maybe it's some sixth sense telling you "WAIT WAIT WAIT!"

That's what I'm going with, anyway- intune with nature... not lazy ;)

Keep's Rabbitry

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