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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Rabbitry Resolutions

Let's see-

Make a Final Decision on the Hollands
Grand a Keep's Doe.
Top 20 in JW Sweeps
BIS or BRIS with a Homebred

I'm giving the hollands one more year. One more year to rekindle my love with them, or I'm out. It's official, write it down and take it to the bank.

So close to Granding a Keep's Doe, I need to STOP taking them home and breeding immediately at 6 months. Keep's Epiphany is the latest in the long line of "sitting at 2 legs and likely to stay that way because I want babies" does. Ahh well :).

Top 20 in JW Sweeps- I did well last year, I want to up the ante this year!

BIS or BRIS with a Homebred- pretty self explanatory. I have taken 3 BIS and a BRIS with animals I've purchased. I picked most of them as babies, put 95% of the legs on all 4 animals. Now it's time to get one of my Homebreds up there! So, so close. :).

Keep's Rabbitry

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