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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Show Update

We traveled to the Columbia, South Carolina show this past Saturday. Well, it would be more accurate to say we went Friday night. We shared a room with Fayth and Lisa Young at Sugarplum Bunnies- it was so much fun! I love when I get an excuse to spend more time with my friends :D.

The hotel was actually pretty nice, it was the Riverside Inn located in Caycee- I would recommend it, it was inexpensive and clean- and SAFE! No drug deals in the parking lot, which always earns a 5 star rating in my book :).

The show started out promising- Tryon picked up another leg, even half in a molt and though Forest took 3rd of..9? I think, the judge said were he to pick a rabbit to breed to in the extremely strong self class, it would have been to the 3rd place animal. Awww!!! :) Thanks Deidre for repeating that comment to me, I sure wouldn't have wanted to miss it!

Rory took a thrilling 5/17 under Allan Ormond. I really like him as a judge, even though he wasn't a fan of my two young junior animals. You never feel like he's stretching or making up things to say about the animals- and NO ONE can ever accuse him of being color blind! A lovely blue otter and chestnut got rave reviews under him!

I think some day, I'll learn not to take molty rabbits or babies to shows. But every once in a while they surprise me- my little shaded junior buck, who has the most cottony coat right now thanks to being a baby, won his class in the second show! Wow :).

The show dragged on forever. It was 6:30 when we left, and there were still breeds being shown. In fact, hollands had just started broken senior bucks when I announced we were scratching our broken junior doe and hitting the road.

I enjoyed showing in a new area though- I met some great new folks who I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing again! Thankfully everyone I ran in to, at the tables or otherwise, were just SO friendly! I also found good homes for all the sales rabbits I took, except one little holland buck. I had originally decided to pet him out, but you know, he's REALLY shaping up to look like some kind of nice brood buck, so maybe I should hold on to him and try a breeding before I let him out the door.

OH! I got to see a squirrel wooly and a CHOCOLATE wooly! I don't see a lot of the fun colors in person and had never seen a chocolate, EVER. That was completely awesome.

Overall, I'd say it was a successful day, though we didn't bring home any of the top honors :).

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