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Friday, December 4, 2009

New Show!

I'm heading out to the Columbia, SC show on Saturday! I'm excited, I've only been to this show once and it's been YEARS! It's a double open with a wooly specialty.. YAY!

Unfortunately, everyone has chosen this time to blow their coats completely. I've got a few juniors in slap uglies, a few that are too young to compete... and then I've got a couple I'm bringing anyway :). All the does of breeding age are pregnant or on litters. I'm trying out a new buck or two-

It should be interesting to see how everyone does. I may make a few last minute scratches based on coats...it's hard to know really.

Hopefully I'll be able to move out my last few sales animals as well! With winter coming up, I don't want to hold on to anyone that's not going to be a productive part of my herd.

That reminds me- need to print out pedigrees. Unfortunately, I'm having printer issues. It won't recognize my Evans software for printing, so I have to retype EVERYTHING out in Excel- which makes an ugly but function pedigree :(.

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