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Friday, November 6, 2009

Woolies for Sale!

As always, I invite anyone to come actually put their HANDS on these animals, the pictures do NOT do justice to their bodies.

Everyone is molting and is 2 1/2 months old, so they are at an awkward stage lol. These babies are out of G.C. Keep's Tryon x Wooligans Little Mama

user posted image
AOV B1- Jr Buck
This guy has thin ears and light point color. He's got NICE width and NICE HQ, he's a very promising buck. He's one of my favorites in the litter.

user posted image
AOV B2- Jr. Buck
This guys has thin ears and light points, He's a bit lower in his shoulder and is a bit smaller than B1. He's got NICE HQ and a very promising head coming in.

user posted image
AOV D1- Jr. Doe

BROOD!! BROOD BROOD BROOD BROOD BROOD. That being said, she's a pretty nice brood. She's the biggest in the litter. Light in her points and long in her ear to balance right now, her ears are still within the show range. She's got NICE HQ, a bit low in her shoulders, but a very solid doe. Worth a shot for her lines and siblings.

user posted image
AOV D2- Jr. Doe

A nice, small doe. She's light on her points and small. A promising little doe.

-Not Pictured-
Siamese Sable Jr. Doe

Very nice, small doe. Nice HQ, thin ears. Would like to see more depth of body, nice width. Overall, a VERY promising doe.

user posted image
Keep's Godzilla- Smoke Pearl Sr. Doe- PROVEN.
G.C. Hare's Mystic Moon x Wooligans Leesa
Godzilla is just off a litter. She's got a VERY nice shape when posed up. I'd like to see thicker ears on her. She's a quality brood, could probably be shown, I'd just have to check the weight on her beforehand. Was an excellent mother.

Keep's Rabbitry


Domonique said...

What are the point colors on those jr.'s? I have a senior buck I've been trying to decide if he's lilac or blue, or if he's just a light blue or whatever the case is! But he looks like the juniors below the first buck as far as his point color goes.

pretty babies :)

Keep said...

You know I've suspected they are sable pointeds. Unfortunately, my favorite buck ever, Tryon is the one that carries this and I tend to breed him to Siamese Sable does. I've been told you can breed these guys to blacks and they'll darken back up, AOV is just not one of the colors high on my favorites list. I have shown them and they've never been DQ'd for the light color, just faulted for it (which didn't stop one buck from winning Group every time out), so I just don't know.

Domonique said...

Hmmm. My buck carries REW, Black, Black Pointed White, Broken Tort, and Tort. I was wondering if possibly my buck is a torted himi, but I don't know what a tort himi looks like! Also have been suspecting lately that he is a martenized Himi because he has no color under his nostrils, missing color at the tip of his nose, and has white "tips" at the inside tops of his ears.

Do you have any pictures of these varieties or know how to identify them, I've never experienced unshowable himi's. Ps. I have red jerseys coming in January :D

Keep said...

First off, I am SO jealous of you and your red woolies!! HMPF :P.

I don't have a lot of experience with unshowable himis either, but I'll see if I can find any pics for ya from friends!!

Domonique said...

that would be great! I've never had himi woolies before, this buck is my first and here I am thinking he's torted or a martenized himi!

ps (again): are you going to nationals? I think I might make my first appearance if I get litters in time.

pps: I'll share the red fluff :P

Keep said...

Oh yeah!! I'm definitely planning on being at Nationals :D. And SQUEE Red fluff!! *die* :)