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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Variety/Breed Presentations

Broken New Zealands- PASSED!!! I believe this is their final showing, they are an official variety now! Congratulations! :)

Velveteens- FAILED

Lionheads- FAILED. It's for real this time. One siamese sable was actually a seal, a REW was missing it's mane and the sable point had mismatched toenails-the others had type issues.

Black Mini Satin- FAILED
Blue Mini Satin- FAILED due to type and fur
Californian Mini Satin- PASSED 1st Showing.
Chinchilla Mini Satin- PASSED
Copper Mini Satin- FAILED due to a broken tooth. Since it occurred AT convention, they are being revisited and may pass- will update!
Opal Mini Satin- PASSED
Red Mini Satin- PASSED
Siamese Sable Mini Satin- PASSED

Otter American Fuzzy Lop- FAILED

Blue Tort Netherland-PASSED 2nd showing.

Lilac Polish- FAILED

Broken English Angora- PASSED 1st showing.

Chinchilla Dutch- PASSED

Orange Jersey Wooly- PASSED

Lilac Satin- FAILED

Blue Dwarf Hotot- FAILED

Siamese Sable Mini Rex- FAILED
Silver Marten Mini Rex- PASSED
Smoke Pearl Mini Rex- FAILED

Blue Rhinelander- FAILED

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Domonique said...

Were there any jersey wooly variety presentations this year? I'm really anxious for the orange, red and fawna to be passed!

Keep said...

Oh yeah!! They haven't reviewed them yet, but I'm hopefully they are going to pass! I was told the oranges this year are spectacular! :drool:

Domonique said...

I can't wait, I have been so anxious for these varieties to pass!

I've seen some of these colors in person and they are STUNNING. I really want to get a line of these colors in the barn :D

Keep said...

I got to see them last year at Convention- oh man. They are such beautiful colors and on such beautiful animals!!! You'll make me jealous if you get a few hehe :).

Domonique said...

The orange/fawn/red just stands out so vibrantly on that long coat of wool. I think these might be my new favorite varieties of wooly :P

I'm actually going to look into getting some of these...I'll let you know how I make out, maybe I can send some your way sometime :)

Keep said...

Oh yeah, you'd definitely have to keep me in mind! I'd have them already, if I could find some around here hehe :).

Domonique said...

Haha I would have A LOT of things right now if I could find them around my area, but considering how I have a strong interest in this variety as well with the Black & Tan hares, I'm probably going to have some shipped in. I just contacted NJWRC, hopefully they'll put me into contact with some breeders of these varieties and I'll work on getting some over this way :D

Keep said...

Oh gosh, Black and Tan Hares!! Don't even get me started on how beautiful those creatures are! :drool:

Domonique said...

Orange woolies passed their 2nd showing! Or was this year the third?
How exciting!!!