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Monday, November 2, 2009

Convention Results!

Please forgive any typos in spelling or placements. Without official lists to go by, this is done by word of mouth as best as we can figure it out :). Thanks! -K

Open- Best In Show goes to the Mini Rex, owned by Doug King

Youth- Best in Show goes to the Holland Lop, owned by Aislin Hall

2011 ARBA CONVENTION is being held in INDIANAPOLIS, IN !


American Chinchilla: Logan VanAllen- BOB
Alexis Cano- BOSB

American Fuzzy Lop: Jennifer Henderson- BOB & BOSB

Dwarf Hotot: Reni Lucido -BOB & BOSB

Himalayan: Erin Grabe- BOB

Holland Lop- Aislin Hall- BOB
Kelly Pedrotti- BOSB

Jersey Wooly: Kelsey Deling- BOB
Amy McBirney- BOSB

Rhinelander: Nicola Falk- BOB
Jacquie Peterson- BOSB

Silver Marten: Katie Bettincourt - BOB
Kara Clarke- BOSB


American (White): Barbara Culberston - BOB
Chris Hemp BOSB

American Chinchilla: William Bryan- BOB
Crystal ? - BOSB

American Fuzzy Lop: Brian Hartzell (RIP)- BOB

American Sable: Bill Mairs- BOB
Donna Williams- BOSB

Belgian Hare: Shannon Kelly- BOB & BOSB

Beveren: Kim Calloway- BOB

English Lop: Juan Salas- BOB
Tami Shaw- BOSB

Flemish: Kathy Rynard and Joanne Walker- BOB

Holland Lop: Jenny Poprawski - BOB
Linda Jinings - BOSB

Florida White: Maryann Preston- BOB

Giant Chinchilla: Lawrence Coats- BOB
Anita Trautwein-BOSB

Harlequin: Angel Medina- BOB

Jersey Wooly: Laurie Owen- BOB
The Uptagraffs- BOSB

Lilac: Marian Spotswood- BOSB

Mini Lop: Jody Rosnik-BOB
Noel Laberge- BOSB

Mini Rex: Doug King- BOB & BOSB

Mini Satin: Melissa Magee- BOB
Todd Naragon- BOSB

Netherland Dwarf: Joanie Zier - BOB
Coin/Nelson - BOSB

Polish: April Wright- BOB

Rhinelander: Lorena Ferchaud- BOB
Kam Padlina- BOSB

Satin: Wampners- BOB
Grossmans - BOSB

Silver Fox: Lynn Fischbeck- BOB
Dale Boroff - BOSB

Silver Marten: Tex Thomas- BOB
Sharon Webb- BOSB

Thrianta: Dera Oldefredi- BOB

Keep's Rabbitry


Domonique said...

Ohhhh how exciting, I can't wait to find out who wins BIS this year! I still haven't gone to a single convention! They've been too far away, and when it was right over here in RI I couldnt make it! I really want to go one year :D

Keep said...

Awww, you could always join us in MN!!! ;) It's killing me not to know all the results already rofl.

Brenda said...

Congrats to THF Saynora-their buck Abe won 2nd in solid senior buck and another of their bucks, Jonah, won 10th!

Domonique said...

Ughhh, I wish I knew too! I still want to get a DVD of the BIS judging from last years convention when the Belgian Hare won.

Hopefully they have convention closer to the east coast in 2012. Hmmm, I wonder how far away MN is from Maine, rofl. I probably don't want to know XD

Brenda said...

Where's convention in 2010?

Domonique said...


WOW Doug King and his Mini Rex won?! I can't wait to see pictures of the winners, I am SO pumped, I have 4 mini rex out of Doug King's lines!!!

Spots and Dots Rabbitry said...

Congrats to all the winners!!!
Does anybody know how the English Spots did?

Keep said...

I haven't heard yet :( Results are still trickling down, so hopefully we'll find out soon!

Karlie Ries @ Show Bunny Rabbitry said...

Whoo! I am definetley going to convention when it gets to Indy!
I cannot wait until then.
Let us know how the Spots do please!

rrj said...


Rachel said...

I heard that the 2011 Convention is going to be in Indiana...I wish they would have a show in the North East. I think that they would have a lot more people signing up for it if they had it in PA, NJ, or NY.... I think that it would be great.