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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Taylorsville Show

We had the Taylorsville Show yesterday. I guess I did pretty well considering the coats on the bunnies- my little chestnut junior buck won group in show A (he's still a baby) and my junior doe Sunset took BOSG. That was really about it for me. I just have to remind myself that I need to stop showing animals with no coats or that are in a molt LOL! There were some really nice animals on the table, I'm so proud of our showing area. It's nice to see a very competitive class pretty much EVERY time! :).

My little junior HL buck's highest placement was 4/8 in Show B and a junior doe I own took 2/5.

Mostly, it was just SO NICE to see my friends!! Kelsey came down from Maryland, Whitney came down from Virginia and the usual suspects were all there as well! Both Belgian Hare boys found great homes, one with Whitney and one with Billi. All the woolies I had for sale are now gone, so I've got extra space! WOO HOO. Nothing for Sale means it's time to go out and cull again (lol).

My next show will be in December, more than likely. I'm hoping by then the coats will have recovered a bit lol. Why is it the rabbits always look the best when there are no shows around?!

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