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Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh Constant Comment.

I dunno what Constant Comment's deal is this month. She's usually a great mom, builds great nests, etc. Maybe it's cause she's a California doe and is just ditzy tongue.gif.

She was due yesterday. I came out this morning to see this.

user posted image

That's where her box started out!! Then she was nesting in the left corner, so I moved it. Then she started nesting in the middle of the cage. So we moved the nest back to the box. Then she ate all the hay out of the box.

Her nestbox that was stuffed FULL of fresh hay last night when I fed?

user posted image

Oh...and what's this?

user posted image

She was squatting over top of the other one lol.

user posted image

Checking out the Keepee made nest.

She knew this was an important and unrepeatable breeding and she was trying to tank it for me lol.

Thankfully, she's a good mama and pulled a LOT of fur for her babies. We did lose one, but it was a peanut anyway. I'm so excited, this litter is the first of my Nationals babies born!


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