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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Herd Reduction

I'm about to do a huge herd reduction.

I've found myself growing increasingly frustrated with the hollands. I like what I have! Other people like what I have! Animals I've sold out of state are doing very well! Locally however, it's just not going well. Believe me when I say, it's not all about winning- but it is nice to have a few decent placings occasionally to keep ya feeling good.

Regardless, I've decided to sell Lil Bit Farms Rory and Lil Bit Farms Zora. This pair of blue torts is GORGEOUS. Rory is my favorite holland in the barn, end of story. He just is. The decision to let these two crucial pieces of the herd go has spurred me to the decision to reduce my holland numbers in general. Unfortunately, I believe most of my does happen to be pregnant at the moment. However, I will be pre-selling them, to be available for pick up after litters.

While I'm selling down the hollands, I need to let go some of the Jersey Woolies as well. I get entirely too caught up in who someone is out of- even to the point I've got several full siblings in the rabbitry.

Thankfully, my friend Joni is coming to visit on Monday (HOORAY!!!) She's already been warned that we are going through the ENTIRE barn. I'm hoping she can help me decide who to let go.

I plan on attending the December 5th show in South Carolina :). Anything that appears on the sales list can be brought there, but let me know if you're interested in something, if space is limited, not everyone will come!

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