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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I'm getting ready to send a shipment of rabbits out to California. It will be my second time shipping and the second time I'm shipping them out to California! I'm going to miss the bunnies leaving- it's hard to let them go sometimes, especially when it's cross country, where it is more difficult to get back offspring. At least the buyer is an excellent breeder who takes good care of her animals. That makes me happy! I also can't wait to have the empty holes. It should be enough for me to move everyone in to my barn. Tim is thrilled that soon the garage can be used to park the car!

A doe I sold to help a friend get started in woolies is coming home soon. I can't wait! She was VERY hard to let go as a junior, but I finally just sucked it up and let her go, keeping her sister. I told the buyer at the time that she was probably the one I should have kept and while I can't complain about her beautiful sister, I'm happy to get a chance to see how this other doe has grown.

The NCRBA show is coming up in March. I can't wait for it, it's such a good show and so many folks come out for it. I love when friends from several states away come down/up/over. It's also in a great facility- not to mention that it is now super close to my home! That's probably one of my favorite parts hehe.

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