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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beautiful Weather

The weather has been GORGEOUS lately! We made the most of it yesterday by pressure washing a few of the rabbit cages. They are so clean and shiny, I don't know how I ever made do without a pressure washer! We got 8 cages and pans taken care of in an hour, which isn't bad considering it was the first good cleaning they've had (other than pan dumping) this winter.

I swept out the areas the cages were in and put down old feed bags to help catch any mess that comes out of the side of the cage- mostly food droppings from the diggers and feed dust from the J feeders.

I'm still waiting on babies. I'm going to call Kendra and Delaney no takers again. I'm still holding out for Fiona. Maybe I had better go tell her that if she doesn't give me babies, she has to go back on the show table. Hmm...

I also got a few pictures yesterday, so my website is a little more updated. I still have plenty I need to get, but so many rabbits are molting!

I put a pen out for a few of the does to roam around in. They really enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather. Since the forecast is 60 for today, I may have to let them out to play again!

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