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Monday, January 3, 2011


I'm super psyched.

I'm falling over excited.

I may die from excitement RIGHT NOW.

NC is putting in bids for both JW and AFL nationals 2012! It would be in conjuction with the NC State Convention, which is always a REALLY good show anyway.

The best part is it would be 20 minutes from my house! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I'm so tickled.

Keep's Rabbitry


Gwen said...

You'll probably end up boarding half of the exhibitors at your place XD

Whitney said...

Where is the like button???

Keep said...

Hehehe if this happens, I'm already trying to map out how many air mattresses can fit in the house LOL!

Whitney you have no excuse not to come to wooly nationals that year! :P

Gwen said...

I probably won't get to go if it's in NC. Way too far! I'll be in Reno though :P I would go if they started doing wooly royalty like they do for the ND and HL clubs. I'd kill to be the Jersey Wooly Queen *_*